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Diaper Rash Cream


Product information

SIZE: 125ml

ABOUT PRODUCT: It prevents diaper rash, itching, and erythema and heals diaper rash with a herbal extract that is produced Aloe Vera, camomile, Echinacea, marigold, tiger flower, Melissa, vervain and linden, allantois and pro-vitamin B5 in regular use. Also prevents skin rash of elbow and knee in crawling period, attenuates burning and pain of their areas.

Q&R diaper rash cream makes the skin flexible, silky and smooth through maize seed oil, corn oil, Vitamin E,-A, camomile extract, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil.

Q&R diaper rash cream creates a barrier and long term moisturizing on the skin via shea butter. This barrier prevents liquid contact without blocking air contact. It does not make abrasive cream effect. Does not contain petrol derived products (Vaseline, paraffin), paraben and formaldehyde.

It is allergen free. It is also compatible with adult’s usage.

HOW TO APPLY: Wash and dry your skin before use, apply & massage cream into your skin. Is useable for the whole of the body.  

WARNINGS: For external use. Keep away from children keep in tight and avoid from light. Avoid contact with the eyes. it is compatible for scalp and skin pH.