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Q&R Dermo Cosmetics


ELZ Kozmetik was established early 2010 in Istanbul, unclosed factory split between offices & hyginic production area where we use the latest technology to produce our Dermo Cosmetics. These skin & hair products can be sold through out
Pharmacies & Chain stores around the world. All products we produce are analyzed by labratories EU certified, we have certificates of ISO 9001 and GMP for our production facility. Along with our own code of conduct and regid health & security programmes we also have random checks by the Turkish Ministry of Health department to make sure we are sticking to these standards.

Our Vision:
To make ELZ Kozmetik a house hold name around the world in skin care cosmetics through the happiness of our customers and loyal staff.

To manufacture the right high quality products our customers require from us by using the latest technology & the best environmental ingredients where possible.

Flexibility is key to our success as we strive to meet all customer’s expectation’s and maintain our quality products at the same time making them affordable to the general public. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas
from our customers so we can improve our brand and the team who produce them.

Our Values:
- Satisfaction of our customers through quality & service
- Quality orientated to use the best produce the best.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Full traceability of our products and there ingredients.
- Win-win is the key to keep the customers happy which leads on to continuous improvements throughout the organization.
- Packing is also a key factor to give the right impression as well as the healthiest products.

Working Ethics:
- Always respect the team and there independent ideas
- Always step forward together
- Success is not achieved individually but as a team.

Innovation & Outlook:
- To make sure we have the best trusted hygenic products
- Always looking for new Innovation & Techniques to move us forward
- Listen to our customer for there ideas and requirments to find new opportunities
- Working closely with the Goverment & Testing houses for any new laws and changes in products to be used.
- Listen to the enviromentilist to make sure we are as green as we can be but keeping the quality level the customer demands.