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Baby Shampoo


Product information

SIZE: 200ml

ABOUT PRODUCT: Peptix Baby Shampoo contains 3 different peptide complexes. Through special formula, it cares hair and helps being healthy. The shampoo helps hair growth.

This shampoo is sulphate and pigments free. Its pH is compitable with skin. None of ingredients used in the shampoo do not contain fragrance that could be allergen for the skin.
They have been idetified by European Union Standards 76/768/EEC.

The shampoo appropriates with Allergen Free and CTFA (Toiletry and Fragnancy Association).

HOW TO APPLY: Apply some shampoo to wet hair by making massage and wait 2-3 minutes,
after that rinse the shampoo properly.

WARNINGS: For external use. Keep away from children keep in tight and avoid from light. Avoid contact with the eyes. it is compatible for scalp and skin pH.