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Anti-Stretch Cream


Product information

SIZE: 125ml

ABOUT PRODUCT: Q&R Anti-Stretch cream has rich ingredients. Contains 4 peptide mixtures, 2 herbal mixtures which are formulated from 15 different herbs, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and soluble cologne.

Q&R Anti-stretch cream is produced via synthesing of these strong and valuable active compounds by a special recipe. Its pH is compatible with skin and does not irritate, it is completely natural. It does not contain parabenand formaldehyde.

In regular use; It prevents possible stretch marks in pregnancy, other possible stretch marks on the body (abdomen, breast, hip, arms and legs), weight changes, adolescence.

HOW TO APPLY: Wash and dry your skin before use,apply & massage creamonto your skin. Is useable for whole body.  

WARNINGS: For external use. Keep away from children keep in tight and avoid from light. Avoid contact with the eyes. it is compatible for scalp and skin pH.