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Garlic Shampoo


Product information

SIZE: 300ml

ABOUT PRODUCT: Q&R Regularly and consistently using Q&R Garlic essence Shampoo takes effect and helps to prevent hair loss. Also clean dead cells on hair skin to prevent dandruff. Owing to rich beta-carotene, zinc and calcium garlic essence brings health, vividness and strenght to hair. Keeps color of hair. Q&R Garlic essence Shampoo does not cause any irritation on skin by compatible hair skin pH. Can be use by a person with hair implant. Prevent hair loss by pave way for healthy hair improvement. Helps to gain plump appearance of hair by feeding hair cells.  

HOW TO APPLY: Apply some shampoo to a wet hair doing a massage then rinse the hair. Apply same method and wait 2-3 minutes. So substances in garlic consentration will affect to hair skin. Finally rinse hair with a lot of water. To see real effect of Q&R Garlic Shampoo, never use another product while using Q&R Garlic Shampoo.  

WARNINGS: For external use. Keep away from children keep in tight and avoid from light. Avoid contact with the eyes. it is compatible for scalp and skin pH.