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Balu&Malus Domestica Hair Care Serum


Product information

SIZE: 30ml

ABOUT PRODUCT: Balu&Malus Domestica Hair Care Serum that is member of Q&R hair care family and produced for weak and muddy hair contains Hydro Balu and Malus Domestica apple extract that has stem cells in which best compatible with human scalp.

Hydro-balu herbal extract is rich by amino acids what are a constituent of protein. The natural herbal extract of Hydro balu decreases hair loss. Also strengthtens the weak hair and supports the hair growth. Malus Domestica apple extract contains much procyanidine B2 as an antioxidant. Procyanidine B2 cleans dead cells from scalp and supports preventing hair loss and achieves growing hair by stimulating hair folicules.  

HOW TO APPLY: Apply some serum to wet hair doing massage. No need to rinse. 

WARNINGS: For external use only. Keep away from children. Keep close and avoid from light. Avoid contacting eyes, if catch up in the eye use water to wash. It is compatible for scalp and skin pH.