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Snail Cream


Product information

SIZE: 50ml

ABOUT PRODUCT: Q&R Snail cream includes SyriCalm which is an ecocert product. SyriCalm is a natural product which is comprised of a combination of several herbs.

Having herbal essences and vitamins, Q&R Snail cream increases water holding capacity. Thus, it enables an elastic skin. It helps in preventing, or reducing wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation by the help of helix secretion.

Q&R Snail cream contains Allantoin which is obtained from comfrey. It has the characteristic of anti-aging, moistening, cell renewal, avoiding irritation. Q&R Snail cream can be used to prevent acne, and blackheads.

HOW TO APPLY: - (For scars and burn marks) It is strictly recommended to use after the scars or marks are healed. It is preferred to be applied immediately to open wounds or surgery scars.
- Preferred to use in the morning and night.  

Q&R Snail cream can be applied to:
- Pimple Marks
- Scar and burn marks
- Acne marks and blackhead
- Chaps on face
- Wrinkles on face
- Sunspots

WARNINGS: For external use. Keep away from children keep in tight and avoid from light. Avoid contact with the eyes. it is compatible for scalp and skin pH.